Genedict Project

Genealogic dictionary and register of historical terms is necessary tool for every genealogist.

Old documents (registers, indexes, records...) are full of words which are not in use for a long time. Old terms in medicine were replaced by new, old professions ceased to exist.

Do you know what means, if man in the past died of XX or XX? What were the profession of brothers, if one worked as XX and the second as XX?

You will find answers to these questions on, which is divided into several thematic topics with the goal of helping with genealogic research. For example when you want to compile a family tree or to better understand the history of your family. The dictionary is focused on historical terms in latin, old version of hungarian, german and historical slovak (19th century and older).

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Sometimes you don´t know how to write correctly searched Latin, German or Hungarian word. That happens especially when you can read only a part of the word in the old register or list. Advanced searching with help of alternate, so-called wild cards, can be helpful then. Read more about how the project Genedict enables genealogists with advanced search. see more
Haven´t you found the meaning of a term in our database yet? Ask in our language advisory.
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